Olex 3D Bottom Mapping & Charting System

The Olex software system combines vector chart navigation and fishery plotting with seafloor mapping and visualisation. It software uses and innovative method for seafloor mapping and has several visualisation modes to show a realistic view of what the seafloor looks like. Olex software contains a powerful plotting function with easy to store marks, comments, lines and areas. It ties vector chart data, seafloor data, plotter objects and radar targets together in a single easy to understand display.
Olex software offers:

  • Revolutionary seafloor mapping and 3D visualisation of the seafloor
  • Effortless vector chart handling
  • Fast and smooth zooming and chart rotation
  • Easy route planning and editing
  • Tracking and naming of radar targets
  • Autopilot interface for computerised sailing
  • Multiple languages available
  • Depths and elevations in metres, fathoms and feet
  • Automatic tide correction
  • Animated lights and sectors
  • Shows previous depth soundings for safer navigation
  • All trips stored for future re-use
  • Water temperature logging

Connects to GPS, echo sounder, gyro, radar, compass, temperature sensor, autopilot, wassp etc.
SELEX Elsag have made the Olex software available on its own, or as part of a package including PC hardware.