Trawl Vision Software


This new software now provides a unique perspective for Fishing Captains, Vessel managers, Net makers, Trawl Door suppliers, and Institutes in terms of exactly what is happening with the fishing gear in 3D.

The SIMRAD Trawl Vision software utilises a high resolution graphic interface providing accurate  real time simulation, prediction and monitoring of the fishing gear behaviour.

SIMRAD’s Trawl vision software provides a fast return on investment by improving the performance of the existing Fishing equipment and  showing how effective changes to the Fishing gear in net design, door type, bridle lengths, Float numbers etc can create significant efficiency’s in lower fuel costs, less wear and tear on equipment and better catch rates.

The SIMRAD trawl Vision software comes in 3  different modules TVI, TVS and TVD,

TVI – Trawl Vision Instrumentation for vessels with SIMRAD PI and ITI Door & Net sensors

Provides all the real time behaviour of fishing systems as well as catch obtained

  • · A system of visual warning alerts about potentially risky situations for fishing system
  • · Generates Reports and dynamic graphics about indicators such as water filtered, area trawled, water temperature, altitude and depth of sea bed, speed, resistance etc
  • · Captures raw data from SIMRAD trawl sensors and shows how net is shaped and performing in real time, plus allows playback to analyse the fishing performance
  • · Allows Captain to correct in real time reactions generated by naturally occurring conditions created by the Net filling, currents, tide, and courses of the vessel over time.
  • · Allows Captain to view the trawls 3D perspective, in a 360 Degrees operating Camera perspective allowing the users to analyse virtually any point from the vessel to the COD end

TVS – Trawl Vision Simulate

This module allows the user to simulate the nets design for different trawling techniques and to simulate how different door shapes, sizes and weights along with different combinations of ropes, weights, and floats with different types of nets can improve efficiency’s and catch rates.

The users can also simulate changing the vessels speed, bottom hardness, and angle of attack of the doors, analysing the fishing systems reaction at every change.

  • · TVS allows simulation of every fishing technique, bottom Trawling, pelagic, semi pelagic, twin trawl with 2 & 3 warps, etc
  • · Obtain and refine best Geometry of your fishing gear
  • · The user can compare the real fishing gear behaviour with the optimum one in order to achieve significant improvements in performance
  • · The user can simulate performance of a wide selection of doors, trawls, materials, types of Nets, and warps from the Data base and simulate the combinations to get the right mix of equipment before having to invest any capital, and therefore reducing financial risk from poor performing equipment. Results will be seen and best combinations selected.
  • · Offers a high quality vision of the sea bed, atmospheric conditions, trawls, and the effects generated by the fishing gear.

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