JRC JLR-20 GPS Gyrocompass

  • High accuracy and high stability (0.5°rms) or 0.3° rms
  • Short settling time (less than 2 minutes at warm start fix)
  • High speed tracking response (Tracking rate of turn is 45°/sec)
  • High visibility 5.7" FSTN LCD
  • Multiple utility display modes (Compass rose, ROT, NAV, GPS status, etc.)
  • Easy installation
  • High speed output direction data for JRC Radars (JRC NSK format)

The advanced north seeking JLR-20 GPS COMPASS series integrates new technology, providing enhanced performance and stability, outputting a 'true heading' to enable safe and effective navigation at sea.

All-in-one solution
The JLR-20 is a sophisticated GPS COMPASS that uses three antennas, having ROLL, PITCH and RATE OF TURN conveniently integrated. The three dynamic parameters refer to the dimensional movements of the vessel. This innovative feature allows you to effectively navigate to your next waypoint and is of great assistance during global, deep-sea traveling.

High speed tracking response
The GPS COMPASS has its origins as a direction sensing system, but JRC goes far beyond this, with so many features integrated the GPS COMPASS enables higher accuracy and stability. The JLR-20 provides heading accuracy of 0.5 degrees and a tracking Rate Of Turn (ROT) at 45 degrees per second.

Highly visible display modes
All information is displayed on a highly visible 5.7" LCD display. Many display modes are readily available and selectable from the menu. The compass rose, steering, navigational data, ROT and GPS information are easily accessible. The control panel is fully dimmable, allowing you to adjust your display preferences at your own convenience.

Profoundly dependable

The GPS COMPASS series requires no maintenance, making it less expensive to maintain than a standard gyro system. The flexible configuration offers easy output and interface management, allowing simple operation and installation on new and existing vessels. All output data can also be interfaced on high-speed level to a wide range of JRC's (and other manufacturers) navigational instruments.

Designed to IMO standards
JRC's new GPS COMPASS JLR-20 is designed to comply with the latest IMO performance standards MSC. 116 (73) Transmitting Heading Device (THD). All vessels between 300GT and 499GT are required to have a Transmitting Heading Device (THD) by SOLAS Chapter V.

Easy menu structure
The compact design of JRC's GPS COMPASS incorporates a new style of Man-Machine-Interface (MMI), providing enhanced ergonomics and user-friendliness. The combination of a large LCD display and simplified push button operation, accompanied by JRC's customary menu structure ensures logical, accurate and convenient operation.

Unique antenna design
The JLR-20/JLR-30 display is compactly designed and can be mounted virtually anywhere. The three antenna system is exclusively designed by JRC, making it far more reliable than conventional antenna systems.

By having the advantage of the processor unit built into the sensor unit, no alignment between processor and antenna is required. This contributes to an easier setup with less error and significantly reduced installation time. This concept also reduces the installation costs as only a single cable will be used between antenna and display unit.

The outer shell of JRC's new antenna system has a smooth surface. This 'slippery exterior' makes it almost impossible for birds to perch on the domes or for the antennas to be completely covered in snow.

Should something interface with the coverage, JRC's new antenna design incorporates a layer of air that reduces possible blind spots, allowing for a more precise heading than conventional systems.

Power Source: DC 12/24V