Simrad MX521A GPS Smart Antenna

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  • IMO MSC.112(73) Approved*
  • RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) enabled
  • Meets Smart-Beacon specifications
  • Designed for easy upgrade of existing MX420 installations to latest IMO standards
  • Connects directly to MX Marine Control and Display Unit (MX CDU)
  • Better than 2 meter DGPS Position accuracy
  • Better than 5 meter GPS Position accuracy
  • Built-in DGPS sources include beacon and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MTSAT)
  • NMEA 0183 ver. 3.0 interface

Featuring built-in RAIM and Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) and compliant to the latest IMO standards.

Navigation authorities around the world have installed DGPS radiobeacon networks that broadcast free RTCM correction information. With the use of its’ built-in beacon demodulator, the MX smart antennas use these real-time corrections to deliver accurate, reliable positioning when in range of a beacon transmitter. The antennas can be controlled by the operator to accept RTCM data from external sources using the MX Control and Display Unit (MX CDU).

Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) is a safety feature in the MX smart antennas which continuously verify the integrity of the GPS system to ascertain its’ accuracy and reliability. When position error exceeds a pre-set limit, the MX CDU alerts the operator to take precautionary measures. RAIM is one of the latest requirements under IMO MSC 112 (73) regulation. This RAIM feature can be accessed by the operator using the MX CDU.

The MX smart antennas feature two independent NMEA compliant serial ports.
They interface directly to the MX CDU or to other NMEA 0183 compatible devices.

DGPS Smart Antenna Receiver
The MX521A delivers position accuracy better than 2 meters in DGPS mode when using RTCM correction data. It also provides better than 5 meters accuracy in standard GPS mode. It is backward compatible with existing MX420 systems to make them compliant with the latest IMO requirements.

Space-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) like the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS), the US Wide Area Augmentation Service (WAAS) and the Japanese MTSAT Satellite-based Augmentation System (MSAS) are being developed throughout the world. The MX521A can be controlled to use these systems to provide accurate positions in areas not covered by DGPS beacon stations.

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