Simrad MXB5 DGPS Antenna

MXB5 antenna is now supplied with the MX525A DGPS Black Box Sensor.

*IMO type approval requires MX525A and MX CDU.

MXB5 DGPS antenna replaces the following antennas:

- MGL-3

- MGL-4

MXB5 Specifications:

  • GPS Frequency: 1.575 GHz(L1)
  • GPS Bandwidth: 4 MHz
  • GPS LNA Gain: 26 dB
  • Beacon Antenna Type: H-Field (Toroid)
  • Beacon Frequency: 283.5 - 325.0 KHz
  • Beacon LNA Gain: 34 dB
  • Enclosure: AES Polymer
  • Mounting Thread: 1-14-UNS-2B

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