Simrad MX575B DGPS Compass with 15M Cable

  • Type-Approved as a Primary Positioning and Secondary Heading device
  • Compatible with MX420 and MX5xx family of CDUs
  • Stand-alone automatic operation
  • Heading accuracy of 0.5°
  • Heading updates up to 10 Hz
  • Position updates up to 5 Hz
  • Integrated DGPS sources including WAAS, EGNOS, and Beacon
  • Sub-meter DGPS accuracy
  • Fast start-up times
  • Sustained tracking during Rates of Turn up to 90º/s
  • Sealed enclosure with IP 67 rating
  • NMEA 0183 V3.0 interface with provision for external RTCM SC-104 corrections

Unprecedented performance setting standards in DGPS compass technology. IMO type approved for Primary Navigation and Secondary heading.

D/GPS Compass
The Simrad MX575B D/GPS compass is designed to provide the MX420 navigation and AIS systems with reliable heading, ROT (Rate of Turn) and position information. The Simrad MX575B delivers a heading accuracy of better than 0.5° at update rates of up to 10 Hz. It also provides sub-meter DGPS positioning accuracy at rates of up to 5 Hz when using RTCM correction data supplied from internal beacon demodulator.

Additional Sensors
To augment the GPS-derived heading, the Simrad MX575B includes other supplemental devices. The combination of inclinometer and magnetic sensing devices aid the rate at which a heading solution is computed on startup and also speeds up reacquisition. A rate gyro provides a secondary source of heading data in times when the GPS heading is not available due to temporary obstructions. These sensors improve performance and increase dependability of the Simrad MX575B.

The Simrad MX575B features two independent RS-232 serial ports and one RS-422 port. Either RS-232 port may be configured freely for a variety of NMEA 0183 output sentences or for the input of RTCM correction data from an external source. The output of the RS-422 port mirrors that of one RS-232 port.

COAST™ Technology
The Simrad MX575B features COAST™ technology that allows it to use old correction data for up to 40 minutes without seriously affecting positioning performance. This feature offers peace of mind and allows you to focus on more important issues than reliability of a differential signal.

Improvements in Simrad MX575B DGPS Compass:
•     Improved positioning accuracy
      - Horizontal GPS Accuracy 1.5m RMS
      - Horizontal DGPS Accuracy 0.5m RMS
•     Improved heading stability
      - Heading Accuracy 0.5° RMS
•     New heave, pitch and roll messages
•     New in-band and out-of-band interference rejection
•     Improved clock performance
•     More robust clock buffer and accelerometer
•     Faster position and heading acquisition
•     Improved satellite tracking with higher ’SNR’ on both primary and secondary   channels
•     Improved Patch Antenna

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