Simrad GS15 GS15 Antenna with 4m (13ft) Micro-C to SimNet Cable

High Speed 5 Hz GPS Antenna provides even greater accuracy and performance

Advanced 5Hz performance with a true update rate of 5 times per second for best in class position data during acceleration and high speed manoeuvres.

The Simrad GS15 works with SimNet and NMEA 2000® networks for enhanced location accuracy and improved satellite-signal fix WAAS and EGNOS


The Simrad GS15 can be mounted on a 1" x 14tpi thread tube or mounting bracket with the included moutning base. It can also be mounted flat on a surface with a hole of 15 mm for the Micro-C connector. The antenna is secured with two screws from the top.

The antenna is simple to install and includes a 4 m Micro-C to SimNet cable to allow easy networking.

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