JRC JMA-5300 Mk2 Series IMO Marine Radar

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Designed for Inland Waterways

JRC’s new JMA-5300Mk2 R-Series integrates the latest leading technologies with a set of new features specifically designed for the inland waterways.

This inland edition of JMA-5300MK2 radar is a result of listening carefully to river boat captains and ownersm and developed specifically for the river boats. Our engineers went onboard river boats to optimize the signal processing, resulting in PRESET functions for the OHIO and MISSISSIPPI rivers.

The JMA-5300MK2 R-Series radar is based on real world experience, developed in the USA for US river fleets.
Barge Icon & Mile Marker Display

Barge Icon - The length and breadth of the total barge size can be displayed as a simple rectangle on the radar screen.

Mile Marker Display - The US mile marker information (river ID and mile number) can be displayed on the radar screen.

The second generation and patented Constaview™ is realized through the use of three high-speed processors (in-house Tornado™ technology). All info gathered by the radar is fully processed within a few milliseconds before displayed, generating a smooth image rotation when sailing in Head-Up mode. When changing to North-Up, the new radar image is displayed without any delay caused by the scanner rotation.
Select a Trial Length

Other ship’s movement and speed can be monitored from length and direction of their trails, primary serving for collision avoidance. The JMA-5300Mk2 R-Series integrates four different trail length modes that will show a ship’s course instantly, a unique operational feature that allows for more flexibility.

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