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TMQ AP47 Autopilot


Over thirty years of manufacturing and design experience have gone into the development of the AP47 TMQ’s leading small boat autopilot. For mariners with restricted space on a limited budget the AP-47 is the perfect solution.

Designed to an industry standard 110mm square casing, the AP-47 brings all the features of the more expensive models into a single compact unit, without the need for a separate junction box. With focused experience in the professional marine environment, TMQ have developed the AP-47 to provide performance and reliability for the recreational user.

The AP-47 operates as a stand-alone system, with control unit, feedback and compass connected to either reversing pump or continuous drive units. Alternatively, the system can be integrated with navigational aids such as a GPS or GPS plotters to provide waypoint steering.


Display modes
Manual Mode: The autopilot display unit shows the current magnetic heading. The vessel is under manual steering control and does not apply automatic steering control.
Auto Mode: The autopilot will maintain your vessel on any desired magnetic course. This course can be set from the Display Unit.
GPS Mode: When receiving information from a GPS the autopilot can steer a vessel to a precise latitude and longitude, through any number of desired course changes.

Drive units
TMQ can supply a range of reversing pumps or continuous flow pump sets with directional solenoid valves.

Standard components
AP-47 control unit, Electronic compass sensor with 5 metres of cable, mounting hardware and brackets, operation manual.

TMQ have had 35 years of product support backed with a 2 year warranty* and benefits from localised priority service and support. *Warranty is extended to 3 years when registered with TMQ