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Alphatron AlphaMiniCourse


The AlphaMiniCourse is highly reliable, has an enhanced follow-up performance and several interfacing features to connect to external equipment. The Gyro compass AlphaMiniCourse complies with requirements of IMO A.424(XI), ISO 8728 and AlphaMiniCourse HS complies to A.821 (19), ISO 16328 HSC. Both versions are Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/ЕС or Wheelmark approved.

A gyrocompass is a type of non-magnetic compass which is based on a fast-spinning disc and rotation of the Earth to automatically find geographical direction, true north. The AlphaMiniCourse exploits this property and uses earth gravitational attraction and rotation to align the gyroscope spin axis with the meridian, i.e. in the true north direction. The AlphaMiniCourse is designed to meet the needs of the marine market Highly accurate performance derived from the aerospace industry, combined with a ruggedized construction in order to cope with the most severe circumstances at sea.

On vessels, a gyrocompass is vital during operation, therefore Alphatron Marine provides a 24/7 worldwide service of technical support from well-experienced and knowledgeable technicians.

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