Simrad ES80 Echo Sounder

simrad es70

  • Split beam operation
  • FM (linear) and CW pulse forms
  • Large dynamic range
  • Low self noise
  • High ping rate
  • Simultaneous transmission of all frequencies
  • Several transceivers can run simultaneously
  • Wide band frequency sweep ("chirp") in combination with advanced signal processing gives an exceptionally good echo quality
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Easy operation with intuitive user interface
  • Clear and easily comprehensive echo data


Simrad 38 kHz CHIRP add-on software

The SIMRAD ES80 Fishfinder, when used with the new ES38-7 split beam transducer, can utilise CHIRP functionality, as found in higher bandwidth frequencies. Bandwidth from 34-45 kHz is available with the CHIRP add-on.

The ESs have wideband capabilities. That means that you can transmit a signal that varies in frequency across the transmission. The most common way to operate the sounder is to use linear FM, or chirp. In an ES80 chirp transmission you utilize the effective frequency band of your transducer, starting low and continuing higher until you reach the frequency where the transducer efficiency drops off.


JRC Echo Sounder JFC-800/810



Simple and hi-performance, dual frequency with all-in-one design

  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • 10.4-inch sunlight viewable display
  • Two models; standard and high sensitivity
  • Multi-language; English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc.
  • Store and recall favorite fishing hotspots
  • Combination of zoom ranges
  • Auto function; gain, shift and range


JRC Echo Sounder JFC-180BB


Variable quad frequencies in blackbox design
will powerfully support your fishing

  • 2-type selectable transducers with different frequency range
  • Variable frequency function enables quick escape from surrounding ships interference
  • Digital processing technology presents clear fish echo in all detection range
  • Six Conditional Memory keys will totally recall pre-set parameters instantly with your finger tip
  • Simple keys and dials with colored back light keyboard will support intuitive operation
  • Your own display (supports XGA resolution) can be connected by RGB