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JRC GPS/DGPS Navigator: JLR-7600/JLR-7900



Dual LED backlight

The unit incorporates many displays modes readily available on a highly visible 4.5-inch LCD display.
Besides the display being fully dimmable and having backlit keys, it features dual LED backlight (white and orange), making it easy to operate in various light settings on the bridge.


Route planning

The new (D)GPS allows you to set the distance calculation method directly from the menu. It is possible to set either Rhumb lines (RL) for short legs or Great Circle (GC) for the long distance legs. Depending on your route, simply make your selection to reach your destination effortlessly.


Up to 1,000 waypoints can be stored in the internal memory. All waypoints can be named and renamed up to eight characters. You can make 20 routes with 50 waypoints per route, which can be entered randomly, and there's room for 2,000 points for ships' track and up to 1,000 for events and marks.

No flush mount kit

With JRC's new design approach, a flush mount kit is not required and screws are nicely concealed behind the front cover.
The display is very compact and can be mounted virtually anywhere, allowing for flexible installation approach.


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