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JRC GPS Navigator JLR-8600/8400


Both JLR-8400 and JLR-8600 are reliable and accurate GPS navigators which carry the same JRC DNA with uniform design and intuitive, trusted operation. Combined with our new multi-GNSS sensor you are ensured of accurate positioning without compromise.


The compact JLR-8400GPS navigator is compatible with Multi GNSSand will provide accurate position data even in Arctic area, without SBAS and beacon.






The new JLR-8600 GPS navigator combined with our trusted 6.5-inch touch display will locate your position with high accuracy utilizing our newly designed antenna, providing you with the comfort of an intuitive operational approach.




Multi-GNSS sensor

The newly designed multi-GNSS sensor is capable of receiving data from GPS as well as GLONASS or BeiDou at the same time, allowing for a highly accurate positioning, without beacon and SBAS.




The sensor can increase the accuracy of your position by receiving correction data SBAS satellites.

  • Combination for multi-GNSS

  • GPS stand alone

  • GPS + SBAS

  • GPS + QZSS



  • GPS + BeiDou

  • GPS + BeiDou+QZSS

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