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Simrad GS70 GPS Smart Antenna


The Simrad GS70 is an IMO compliant GPS smart antenna that integrates with the Simrad GN70, MX610 or MX612 navigation system via NMEA 2000 to provide accurate position information at a user-selectable update rate. 

The GS70 GPS antenna is an IMO compliant NMEA 2000 Smart Antenna that integrates with the GN70. The GN70/GS70 global navigation system is a cost effective navigation system for today's professional market.

The GS70 can receive DGPS corrections from SBAS satellites such as WAAS. The smart antenna has 32 channels and can output position at 1Hz, 5Hz, or 10Hz. The antenna has GPS accuracy (2D RMS) of 5m, and DGPS (SBAS) accuracy of 2m. The antenna is incredibly easy to install as it has a standard NMEA 2000 interface.


Key Features

  • Easy to install with NMEA 2000 interface
  • Receives DGPS corrections from SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) satellites
  • Receives RTCM corrections from NMEA 2000 Bus with MX610 junction box
  • Designed with 32 channel GNSS receiver
  • Position update rate at 1, 5, or 10 Hz
  • GPS accuracy (2D RMS) of 5m and DGPS accuracy (SBAS) of 2m