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 23 January 2020

FV Caroline 1 Installation of SIMRAD SX95 OMNI Directional sonar

ATL have recently supplied a SIMRAD SX95 OMNI Directional Sonar to the Purse Seiner FV Caroline 1.

Graham Barker headed up the installation team, travelling to Pohnpei in Micronesia and working with the vessels shore based engineering team and crew. A smooth and successful installation was achieved. The latest version of the SX95 introduces new software running now on Windows 10, and a new Joystick controller that gives seamless control of the cursor and menu settings. Many new features are introduced to the SX90 series sonar with the latest software that makes for a powerful long range tuna sonar, with excellent target resolution and fish detection.

The same vessel will also have a new model SY50 OMNI sonar installed later in the year when released to the market. This will operate on 57 kHz and be used in tandem with the SX95 for closer range tracking of tuna.

Photo showing Captain Slavko learning the layout and operation of his new SX95 Sonar. The new upgraded J - Stick sonar control unit is shown on console.

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9 January 2020



News from SIMRAD Wireless Catch Monitoring:

The PXMK2 family of wireless sensors has been expanded to now include individual sensors capable of displaying multiple measurements per sensor, which provides significant more information from one sensor, where previously up to 2 sensors were required.
Measurements for Door Spread, Door Height from bottom, Depth of Door from surface, Pitch and/or Roll can easily be programmed into the sensor.

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18 December 2019


New Software version for Simrad ES80 and CHIRP Software


This software can be purchased and a CHIRP add-on license issued for existing systems already on board vessels.Simrad have realised the latest ES80 software V1.3.1 and the ES80 CHIRP add-on software for ES80 with ES38-7 split beam transducers that allows CHIRPING on 38 kHz giving you an effective frequency bandwidth of 34-45 Khz.

Read here about the new ES80   and CHIRP add-on


27 September 2019

VSAT services for FV Thomas Harrsion 

Another SatCom Global Aura V80 VSAT system is being installed today on Sealord vessel FV Thomas Harrison

This completes the installations of VSAT on board the Sealord vessels, providing high speed Internet Communications for Business and crew use. As requirements for business at sea become more prevalent and the desire by Companys to provide high levels of crew welfare the Aura V100/V80 package from SatCom Global ticks all the boxes for cost effective state of the art communications at sea.
Graham and Chris from Endeavour Electronics Nelson head the installation and Commissioning team.

Photo showing Graham Barker supervising V80 dome installation.